Inflatable Mirror Ball PVC Show Ball Mirror Ball

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    All inflatable mirror balls are freshly made and sizes are customisable.

    We only sell double-layer enhanced mirror balls

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All inflatable mirror balls are freshly made and sizes are customised.

The single-layer mirror ball is not recommended. We only sell double-layer enhanced mirror balls.

The inflatable mirror ball is one of the best-chosen decor items in malls and homes at present. People in search of innovative decor items for their home and office can make use of mirror balls to make the space reflective and elegant. Mirror balls are generally made of PVC material to ensure weatherproof ability and high durability. Mirror balls ensure long-term use among outdoor and indoor decors. PVC material used for the making of mirror balls is generally coated with mirror material to provide a reflective image of the surrounding region.

Product Description:

Material: PVC(Single/Double)

Size: or customized

Color: customized

Certification: CE, EN71, SGS, etc

Usage: Party, Club, Show Decoration, Advertisement


Shipping List:

– 1 x Mirror Ball

– 1 x Repair Kit Material



Q: Can you print my logo on this ball?

A: Yes, it’s free to print logo.


Q: How to inflate it?

A: Open the valve, Connect the power of blower

Put the entrance of the blower insert the valve

Turn on the blower

Close the valve when the balloon filled with air


Q: Do you have any warranty for your products?

A: The warranty is 2 years, all our mirror balls are strictly tested from the material incoming to shipment and the quality are reliable.


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