Giant Inflatable Mirror Ball Mirror Ball Silver

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    All inflatable mirror balls are freshly made and sizes are customisable.

    We only sell double-layer enhanced mirror balls

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All inflatable mirror balls are freshly made and sizes are customised.

The single-layer mirror ball is not recommended. We only sell double-layer enhanced mirror balls.

Inflatable mirror balls of large sizes are generally used for the decoration of malls and offices. Different colors of mirror balls can be availed from online stores at present. Inflatable balls, that can be availed in varied colors can definitely decor walls and X mas trees placed in malls and similar buildings. The smooth finish of mirror balls with reflective appearances can make space exotic while doing decor.

Product Description:

Material: PVC(Single/Double)

Size: or customized

Color: customized

Certification: CE, EN71, SGS, etc

Usage: Party, Club, Show Decoration, Advertisement


Shipping List:

– 1 x Mirror Ball

– 1 x Repair Kit Material


Our Products Features:

Our inflatable mirror ball is waterproof, high durability, Re-usability, long lifetime.

Our mirror ball has a variety of sizes from 0.3 m to 3 m, material has single/double PVC.

More colors ( silver, gold, green, blue, purple, red ) for you choose, also can be customized.

All inflatable mirror balls are freshly made and sizes are customised, we do not support return.

The default inflatable mirror ball is for short events and is single-layer. If you need mirror balls can last longer, please email us for two-layer enhanced mirror balls.


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